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Valentine's Day is right around the corner... have you found your Valentine yet? If you haven't, you've come to the right place! SNIPSA has your perfect match to shower you with adoration and puppy kisses just in time for V-Day! Be sure to check out our little Cupid's up for adoption.. they're guaranteed to steal your heart!

Click here to see a few stories of the lives saved in 2014!

Dogs are very direct with their communication, us humans just have to learn how to read them correctly. Often times we don't realize a dogs discomfort until there's a growl or a snarl. Obviously ears back, tail tucked and eyes wide is the most noticeable indication of a dog feeling unsafe. There are a few other subtle indications that you might be unaware of. Here are a few tips for you to help with the "communication barriers" between you and your pooch.

Lip licking.When a dog licks their lips repeatedly (not right after eating!), this is a sign that they may be uncomfortable or feeling a little stressed. It's their way of self-soothing.

Yawning.If your dog is active and alert, and seems to yawn for no reason, this is a clue that something is up. This is their effort to resolve conflict.

Scratching. Of course, dogs will give themselves a nice scratch here and there, but if your dog sits and scratches at an illogical time like playing or entering a new environment, it can indicate they are feeling nervous.

Tail wag.Dogs use their tail to communicate, but it can be misinterpreted. Look closely, is it fast and straight up or low and slow? A wagging tail can simply mean a dog is amped up and ready to handle what comes next, or that they are gathering information.

Our animals can be one of our greatest sources of joy, and they deserve to be heard—in all the unique ways they communicate with us.

Sometimes you just have a bad hair day- Cherry Blossom definitely understands! Cherry B. walked into SNIPSA looking a little rough. Hair matted and over grown, she hadn't been able to properly use the restroom and so not only was she dirty, but she was also quite pungent!

Being an office of mostly females, we immediately knew the fastest way to feel better after looking a mess - spa day!

We clipped her up, gave her a warm and wonderful bath and now Cherry B. is feeling like herself again! Her perky personality is back and this little darling pranced all the way to her foster home. It's amazing how little things can make such a big difference!

Zucchini and Bacon Quiche Treats


  • 3 free-range eggs
  • 1cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 3 strips cooked and chopped free-range bacon
  • Half zucchini, chopped into small pieces

1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Place a small amount of cheddar cheese in the bottom of each mini muffin cup. If you are not using muffin cups, be sure to spray the pan beforehand to eliminate sticking to the pan.

2. In a medium sized bowl, beat eggs and add zucchini, 2/3 of bacon and the remainder of cheese. Carefully spoon mixture into cups.

3. Bake for 20 minutes or until the egg is no longer shiny.

Thanks to Minnie in Manhattan for this recipe! Click here to see previous recipes.

Smiiiiiiity! Smiiiiily!! This boy is sure to steal your heart. Injured with a broken pelvis and fractured femur, Smitty was picked up by Animal Control officers. X-rays showed an old break that had already starting healing on its own. As often without medical intervention, Smitty's femur was healing malalligned resulting in the broken leg being shorter than his other hind leg. The best option was to rebreak the leg and insert a metal plate so Smitty's leg would heal properly. Our friends at South Texas Veterinary Specialists performed the surgery and now Smitty is on his way to recovery. Nothing slows this fellow down. He is all tail wags when he meets you- a very calm and gentle pup. He loves to roll over on his back and wait for a belly rub. Donations are being sought to offset a portion of his medical expenses. Please consider chipping in to help Smitty become whole again. SNIPSA sincerely appreciates your support. Click here for more information on how you can help.

This little gal was the typical street dog- allowed to get pregnant and care for puppies on her own. She eventually made her way to animal control where she sat anxiously looking for her litter. Unfortunately, we have no idea what happened to the puppies and can only hope they were taken care of before she landed herself at the shelter.

Despite her unfortunate past, M'Lynn is a sweetheart. She follows you around from room to room and does well with any dog she meets. She has a quiet demeanor about her and is very gentle. She is devoted and appears housebroken. She slept beautifully with the cats in her foster mom's house. M'Lynn would make a perfect companion for an older person who didn't want to experience all the puppyhood and training. She is currently being treated for heartworms but that won't slow her down a bit. She is a fabulous rescue dog in search of a fabulous home.


"Benjamin is doing great! He is feeling so good it's hard to keep him quiet, especially at meal time. He's fully tapered off his steroids. We'll give him his monthly heart guard that you provided on the 23rd. I walk him on a leash in the yard because he and his new sister Maggie want to play. He is a total love bug and so sweet and gentle. He's really bonding well with our family! Thank you so much for saving him!"

1 day. 8 Veterinarians. 150 volunteers. 258 pets spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped- Priceless!

It may have been our last Big fix of the year, but we were happy to end on a great note! We've officially done over 1400 sterilizations for pet owners in under served neighborhoods, We couldn't thank our volunteers and supporters enough. We love what we do and can't wait to start a new year helping our community to reach No-Kill!

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