Adoption Events

Pearl Brewery

Farmers Market by Aveda Institute

312 Pearl Pkwy

San Antonio, TX 78215

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

9AM - 1PM

Whole Earth Provision Co

Alamo Quarry Market

255 E Basse

San Antonio, TX 78209

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

11AM - 4PM

Pearl Brewery

Farmers Market by Aveda Institute

312 Pearl Pkwy

San Antonio, TX 78215

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

9AM - 1PM

It's that time of year again, folks! April 10th-27th is Fiesta! Are you ready? There are a ton of activities for the whole family; yes even your pets! Be sure to register for the 16th Annual Fiesta Pooch Parade on April 26th, where you can show off your SNIPSA rescue in their brightest Fiesta costume!

Have you received our Newsletter yet? We have compiled a years worth of medical stories, successful rescues, life-saving tales and happily ever afters - so grab a couple tissues, a comfy chair and take a look!

Introducing the newest addition to the SNIPSA family, Aiden Allen Laboy! Our very own Veterinary Technician, Penny Laboy and her husband welcomed precious baby Aidan to the world on February 13th at 10:59 am, weighing in at 6lbs 3 oz and 21.5 inches long.

Penny has been apart of the SNIPSA family for 2 eventful years, and has just returned from maternity leave to jump back into the wonderful world of animal rescue! We are grateful to have her back with us. Congratulations Penny and Eric on your handsome baby boy!

While we can't always prevent accidents in the event of pet poisoning, it is always important to be as prepared as possible. Use the following as a check list to help ensure you know what to do.

Call your Vet. Time is critical in an event like this, so call your Vet as soon as you can.

Gather materials.Try and find the source of the poisoning, and gather what you can.

Keep track of symptoms.Try and write down any symptoms you observe, and a timeline of when each symptom happens. Take note of how much of the substance your animal was exposed to and when the exposure occurred.

Bag it up.If applicable, try and bag any vomit or stool for testing.

When contacting a pet poison control, try and have as much of this information available as possible, as well as basic information about your pet. Species, age, weight, breed, sex, etc.

Juice Pulp Dog Treats

Juicing has become quite the popular health trend in the last few years because of all the benefits one can reap. Have you ever felt like you are wasting all the pulp that is leftover after juicing? Well if we can benefit from all those zesty fruits and vegetables, so can your pup!


  • 8 cups juice pulp (or whatever is left over!)
  • 1 cup ground flax (soaked in 2 cups of water for 30 min)
  • 1 cup sunflower seeds

1.Preheat oven to 145.

2.Mix all ingredients together, and spread onto non-stick baking sheets till 1/4" thick. Score into 1" squares.

3.Dehydrate 1 hour, reduce heat to 115, and continue to dry until completely dry.

Don't forget. Raisins, grapes, onions, garlic, macadamia nuts and chocolate are toxic to animals! Be sure to double check what you're juicing before you make their treats!

Click here to see previous recipes, and thanks to Rawmazing for sharing this great recipe!

It can be a little difficult to snap that perfect picture of your pet, trust us, we understand! Here are a few tips that might help you out on picture day.

1. Keep it comfy.Instead of trying to get your pet set up in a staged environment, stick to where they are most comfortable. On their bed, in front of the window. etc.

2. Get on their level.Try lying on your stomach or sitting on the floor and shoot from their eye level or a little below. You might even get a few extra kisses.

3. Spice it up.Make sure to grab your pets favorite toys to keep them tuned in. Added bonus if the toy has a squeaker, you're more likely to get their attention.

4.Treats please! Now, sitting pretty for the camera can take a little bit of effort on their part, so be sure to reward their behavior! Treats are always welcome.

Ring- a- ding- ding! This classy lady is Rizzo! Rizzo was found as a stray- who could let this girl go? Rizzo is a sweetheart who loves everyone and everything! She's great with other dogs and loves to play! She hasn't been around cats yet, but seems like she wouldn't mind them around.

When she's done playing, Rizzo will curl up on your lap or next to your feet and take a nap. She's truly a wonderful dog, with an unusual look. If you've got the perfect home for this beautiful girl, fill out an application today! Make sure to watch her video!


"Miles (aka Keith) is doing great! He loves the kids and is adjusting wonderfully! He was scared of everything the first couple days and as of now he is totally comfortable in our home and yard! We are so thankful to have him and all that his Foster mom did to help us adjust!"

A line of people and pets wrapped around the Miller's Pond Community Center parking lot, as volunteers handed out paperwork and carried pets inside. Anxious pet owner's looking back as they left their four-legged friends behind. A spay/neuter extravaganza! Just what San Antonio needs to help address our pet overpopulation problem- we've got to get to the heart (or reproductive organs) of the matter!

A HUGE thanks to all the volunteers, veterinarians, techs, and staff who give their time and effort over and over again to help make these events a success. We are absolutely blessed with some of the most devoted and hard working souls out there. Also, thank you to Rey Saldana and his staff for supporting our mission and letting us use Miller's Pond Community Center as our base of operations during the Big Fix. SNIPSA has spayed and neutered over 6000 dogs and cats for free to pet owners of San Antonio through our Big Fix clinics. If you do the math you can see, that's a lot of lives saved!

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