It’s a Christmas miracle!

Unfortunately, Rufus got out of his dog sitter’s house 4 months ago and to Alexa and her family, was lost. They searched for him all around the neighborhood and constantly checked with ACS to see if he was ever picked up. Little did they know that Rufus was found by a Good Samaritan running through the streets. They brought him into SNIPSA and after not finding a microchip,we put him in our adoption program. We named him Elvis and for some reason, this sweet (but nervous) boy went overlooked and was never adopted.

Alexa never gave up hope and continued to search for her beloved Rufus, whom she has had for 6 years. On Christmas day, she came across our website and there he was sitting in the “small dog” section.

After 4+ months, Alexa was reunited with her Rufus today! This normally skittish boy ran straight to her, tail wagging, and jumped up into her lap wrapping his little paws around her. It was definitely a teary moment here in the SNIPSA office! We are so happy for Alexa and Rufus to finally be reunited and now that he is microchipped, Rufus will always be attached to Alexa.

We never think that this can happen to us but stay prepared and get your pet microchipped! And congratulations Rufus-you’re finally home!

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