It’s midnight and our feet ached from walking miles through the St. Mary’s Gymnasium – carting dogs and cats from the front door to the surgery tables and back to their owners. Erecting a MASH style surgery clinic in a day’s time only to dismantle it and reload thousands of pounds of equipment into our trailer a day later. Great people, unwavering commitment, and a little help from “above” makes our Big Fix clinics what they are. You can’t describe them…you have to live them. Thank you to St. Mary’s University for opening your doors, to the 150 volunteers that gave of their time, and to the incredible veterinarians, technicians, and SNIPSA staff that work tirelessly to save lives. Another 481 dogs and cats spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped!

Take a peek at our photo highlights here

Photo credit to Joel Pena and Isabella Martinez


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