Dear Bitch,

It’s a new year, and a new decade! I want to start the 20’s off right and get myself on the right track eating and exercising; frankly, my dog could stand to shed a few lbs too -pardon the pun. There are so many great ways to learn, track and stay on top of diet and exercise for humans, but I could use a little advice on how to help my dog. We both want to be beach body ready by summer!

New Year, New Me, Baby!



Listen up, Baby,

Girl, I got you. The Bitch is all about that glow-up culture, and your little dog too! Investing in your health and wellness is something you will never regret. Investing in the health and wellness of your dog is no different!

First, we recommend trying out a slow feeder bowl. Sure, they look like something from the MoMA gift store, but they work. They slow your dog down, which helps them chew and swallow each bite of their food. Also, the food that goes into that bowl should be…dog food. It’s already formulated to give them the nutrients they need, no people food mix-ins required.

Next, find an exercise routine that works for both of you! That’s a two-for-one deal! Try skateboarding–sure you may eat a little asphalt, but it’s keto–and let your dog run beside you. Skateboarding too extreme? Fair enough, that was a stretch. I wouldn’t even do that. Buy a bike. There are lots of ways to get that heart rate up and move those muscles. Get into the back yard to move around and throw a ball. Even poodles will occasionally deign to play fetch. Once you find something that works, keep it up. Dogs like a good routine, and a lot of good company.

Having a dog is like a free gym membership that pays you in hair, and slobber. But also in love!

-The Bitch

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