“Dear BP,
I love my dog to death, but he won’t stop digging holes in the backyard. My yard
is starting to look like a scene from an early 2000’s Shia LaBeouf movie. If this
continues, I’m going to have to write to Animal Planet to discuss hosting an
episode of Meerkat Manor.
Help me, Bitch, you’re my only hope!
– Frustrated Mom”


Listen up, little Mama,
Throw your boy a bone and take him for a walk, he’s probably bored! Doggos bury
treats and chews. They’re proud descendents of wolves, so dropping that KONG
bone in a shallow grave is probably an emotional win. Easy Solution: Keep the
toys inside.
Dogs also dig to stay cool. Welcome to Texas, y’all. There will be holes. Consider
setting up a small pool or fan, and make sure there’s plenty of shady areas to
help them regulate their body temperature.
Now, the underlying issue. Canines are social creatures and depend on humans
for companionship. We’re not on social media. Budgeting an extra 30 minutes in
the day for a quick jaunt to the park, a walk around the block, or even a ride in the
car can give your pal the mental stimulation they need. And if you really can’t take
the dog out of the dog, give him an appropriate place to dig – a sandbox or
allocated spot just for digging. You’ll be happier, and your pet will be more
forgiving with your yard!

The Bitch

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