Dear Bitch,

Living in Texas has got my dog red hot and irritable; and I’m not talking about the weather. The poor girl has got fleas! Everytime I think I’ve gotten rid of them for good, they burst back onto the scene, and now my poor dog looks like she’s had just about enough.

How can I throw my poor dog a bone?!

Fleabag Fur Mom



Dear Fleabag Frannie,

Fleas can be quite the adversary, and are guaranteed to be trying for both owner and pet! My suggestion is to start by addressing the environmental vectors. If the fleas keep coming back, you may need to recruit a service to treat the inside and outside of your house. Most will commit to re-treating through eradication, and will use a treatment that is household safe for pets and people. Also make sure to wash your pet’s bedding on hot and heavy. Don’t give the fleas anywhere to hide!

Now, as for your pet, monthly preventatives like Frontline are very effective. If you’ve got a real serious problem though, ingestibles such as Nexguard and Bravecto may be worth the investment, as they will knock out not only fleas, but also ticks. If you want to go the homeopathic route, you can try a little garlic around the neck (be careful with garlic around doggos though, it’s poisonous if ingested) or a little Rosemary, Eucalyptus, or Lavender oil poultice rub around the neck will ward off those pesky critters. 

Your dog will smell delicious, but not to fleas!

-The Bitch

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