Dear BP,

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I am starting to feel a little more hyped than usual. But every year no matter how clever I am about trying to hide the remains, my damned dog runs off with the turkey carcass! What should I do, just fix him a plate and buy his obedience?

Trying to do the right thing here!



Dear Pet Owner,

Yeah, Thanksgiving can be a confusing time for any family pet. The smells, the lavish spread, the ensuing trash buffet. That’ll ignite mischief in any pet, despite perfect table manners. My suggestion, wrap that turkey carcass in aluminum foil and store it in the freezer until the night before trash day; and throw man’s best friend a doggone bone. Not literally though! Cooked turkey bones can splinter and wind you both up at the Emergency Vet, and that’s not how anybody wants to spend their holiday!

Your canine fam can celebrate the holidays with a special treat of sweet potatoes, green beans, and mashed potatoes – sans all the fixin’s. Be careful to avoid giving your pets anything with grapes, onions, or garlic as these can be really harmful; also try to avoid rich gravies and foods high in fat or sugar. Even that turkey skin can be a tempting treat, but it’s often the seasonings and oils that can set off a dog’s pancreatitis.

Avoid that masterful dinner table stare down and you’ll both sleep well Thanksgiving night–or maybe mid-afternoon–knowing that you’ve done the right thing.

The Bitch

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