Meet our Face of the Race Contestants

Below are the sweet faces and extraordinary stories of this year’s Face of the Race contestants. The dog that raises the most money before midnight on August 5th will become the official spokesdog of the 12th Annual Race for the Rescues. You may donate as many times and for as many dogs as you’d like. All proceeds from the contest provide medical care for rescues within SNIPSA’s adoption program and spay/neuter outreach for underserved areas in San Antonio. Thank you for your support!

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Mo is a super fun pup who loves to play with her big brother Jojo, a full sized lab. Although she’s a pup, she always tries to keep up with the big dogs! She’s super clumsy but still forgets she’s the baby in the family sometimes.

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Anya is a sweet, loving girl that loves to social with people. She came to us as an adult rescue that was dumped at a train station near Grand Prairie. She not only loves people and dogs, but she was an angel to our Dakota. Our Dakota underwent bilateral dpo surgeries to get teo metal plates on each hip at 10 months old for severe hip dysplasia. Anya joined us during his recovery and was very gentle and focused on him. She played a huge part in his recovery. She has also gone two years now without any idiopathic seizures.

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Abby was adopted from SNIPSA in 2016. She just moved from Boston where she enjoyed a luxuries hotel life to New Mexico with lot’s of farm animals and horses.

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Molly came to us through a rescuer that pulled her off death row. She had been living on the streets and recently had a litter of puppies and was in rough shape and has many battle wounds and scars to show how hard the streets are for a homeless dog. A sweet lady at animal control saw potential in her and gave her a second chance at life. We have had her for 4 years now, Molly is wicked smart, fiercely loyal to her people and a guardian not to be messed with. We are blessed to have her in our lives.

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I rescued Mr Henry as a 3 week old, 5 pound puppy who was found in a ditch in Castroville. The past 10 years he has shown himself to be truly the world’s “bestest boy ever” (he has references). He’s traveled across the country with me, winning the hearts of everyone who met him. He’s never had to be boarded—when I leave town and he can’t come, there is a line of people waiting to watch him for me. He deserves to be Face of the Race because he is the perfect rescue ambassador, indiscriminately showering everyone he meets with love and trust. I want to be Mr. Henry when I grow up.

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Huxley (formerly Milton) was adopted from SNIPSA in June 2018. His hobbies include chasing his tennis ball, chasing his tail, and annoying his best friend Darwin (8 y/o beagle). He thinks he is the best guard dog around and puts all of his effort into patrolling the house and investigating every little sound. He is the sweetest, goofiest dog I know and he absolutely deserves to be the Face of the Race!

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Henry (aka Storm) was the famous “box dog” found after Hurricane Harvey. He was soaking wet and very sad with a broken femur. Thanks to you all at SNIPSA, Henry was rescued from another shelter, given the surgery he desperately needed, and given a whole new lease on life. He is an amazing dog and the delight of our family and everyone in the neighborhood.

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Zoe, aka Amoretto from the liquor litter, is a wonderful addition to our family. Her mom and litter mates were rescued thanks to your organization. Every time I look at her, I can’t imagine her being euthanized for just existing. She makes our house a happy home and I never realized how lazy I was until we adopted this border collie/Labrador mix of love, energy, and fur. She is incredibly smart and loves to initiate races around our house… usually by stealing laundry items, paper towels, or toilet paper. She keeps us in the race of life and we are so thankful and blessed to have her!

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Sadie is a funny little black pug I adopted from SNIPSA about 3 years ago. She’s estimated to be 4 years old. She loves treats, napping on my shoulder, treats and making me laugh. She’s very friendly and loves everyone she meets. She is also photogenic.

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Bailey rescued me last December after the lose of my best friend to cancer. She has helped me with my healing journey. Everyday she brings joy to both me and anyone she meets. She loves to go for walks and swims like a fish. She is a SNIPSA rescue along with her five siblings. She is the cutest little puppy around!!!

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He is very good with kids and all people he is 7 months and he is from Snipsa.

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Murdoch was our foster fail 7 years ago, when it was love at first lick. A lot of my friends know that we almost lost him last year to a rare liver disease, and as much as we always loved him, his every day is now cherished. Thankfully, he’s healthy and strong now due to excellent vet care and lots of love.

We truly have no idea how old he is, but we know he’s never met a stranger and is loved around the neighborhood. His song (every dog needs a song) is When You’re With Murdoch, sung to the tune of Under the Boardwalk. Pretty sure he knows all the words.

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Homer should be crowned SNIPSA’S Face of the Race because he is what SNIPSA is all about. Found standing in the rain on a highway access road and practically hairless due to mange, someone took a chance and coaxed him to their car with treats. With a willing foster, Snipsa then worked their magic to treat and cure his mange. Due to Homer’s exuberant joy and zest for life, he is a proud foster-fail who is loved and cherished!
Thank you SNIPSA!

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Luna is a recent SNIPSA rescue puppy. She was brought in from a kill shelter as a baby with her brothers and sisters as part of the “Talk Show Litter”. Her name while at SNIPSA was “Tyra” but her human sisters decided to change her name. Even though she’s only been with her forever family for a short while, she’s already provided endless love. We feel she embodies what SNIPSA is all about and should be the 2019 Face of the Race!

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My daughter, Julia, in San Antonio adopted our Lulu last April from SNIPSA. We named her Luana which means “Joy” in Hawaiian. She captured our hearts and continues to bring so much love, laughter and joy to our family, neighborhood and her doggie-daycare center. She wins everyone over with her playfulness, spunk, and general craving for attention.

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We think Trooper would be an excellent face of the race because he has overcome obstacles and now gets to live his best life by being active, positive, treat-motivated, and loving. Trooper is a master of agility and demonstrates intelligence in all that he does! He has enriched our lives with his loving, patient personality and we are lucky to be his forever home.

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Kira is such a loving girl. She loves people and has such a stunning profile. People are instantly drawn to her, and with her likeness on snipsa advertising for the race, maybe her intoxicating mug will entice that many more people to participate in the race this year. 🙂 plus, just LOOK at that face!!

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We got Cocoa from SNIPSA at a time our family had just suffered tremendous loss… My father-in-law had just passed away and relatives were victims of the Sutherland Springs shooting. There was immense grief and sadness in our house. Our other dog Granger was also sad, and then Cocoa came into our lives. Late nights and early mornings, puppy shenanigans and LOVE boosted everyone’s spirits. She has shredded every shoe and piece of furniture she got her teeth into, but we love her dearly.

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Davy is a very smart energetic dog with a wonderful personality. He has this cute quizzical face and when you talk to him, he will move his head back and forth like he understands every word. He loves his daily walk and understands the word walk and loves to play. He is definitely my best bud.

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Max was 5 months old when he was dumped in the side of the road. A nice lady picked him up, but couldn’t keep him so she was taking him to the pound, but before she did a friend messaged me about this cute dog. After a quick message we were on our way to pick up this cutie. He is a naughty dog, but we love him. He is great with the children and is learning to be a service dog for one special girl 😁

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Jonah is a SNIPSA rescue boy who came to us in October
of 2012. He had been spirited away from ACS just before being euthanized because he was heartworm positive. He was already into middle-age—about 6 or 7 years old. But SNIPSA knows a good dog when they see one. In spite of his rough past, Jonah was a sweet boy with tremendous spirit. While I finalized his adoption with his SNIPSA foster that fall day, Jonah excitedly explored the back yard, recording the smells for future reference. The expression on his face said “Cool yard! Wish I had one like this!”

Of course, Jonah lives inside with his people but it’s still his yard!

That was nearly seven years ago. Jonah and I take a walk together every morning and evening. Today these daily outings are shorter, and even then his hind legs sometimes fail him. Trips to the vet are frequent to seek relief for pain caused by his severe hip dysplasia, arthritic shoulders and spine problems. He stays closer to “Mom” these days, which is fine with me. And he’s still a sweet boy with that same tremendous spirit. SNIPSA saved his life and mine is all the more full because of Jonah.

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As a Pit Bull mix with more personality than imaginable, Hattie is a great choice for Face of the Race. A breed so often equated with negativity, Pit Bulls can face challenges being adopted. Hattie represents everything good there is to love in a dog.

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Nugget, was just 6 weeks old when I saw her photo on the Snipsa website. I couldn’t get to San Antonio fast enough to see her. Willow, as she’s called now, is the happiest little soul I’ve ever known. She loves everyone and greets even strangers with a happy smile and lots of kisses.
I think Willow would be a good Ambassador for SNIPSA, because she’s an excellent example of how a rescued dog is really a rescuer of people more times than not.

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Nikko was adopted from Bastrop Animal Rescue, an owner surrender. He is the quintessential rescue dog…unwanted and unloved by his original owner and not neutered, so he became a runner and constantly ran away. However, after being neutered and adopted into a loving home, he is the sweetest, most loyal, best dog in the world.

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Candie is a Boston terrier who was rescued from a life as a breeders momma. She had multiple litters before she was 2. She had a rough life until a BT rescue got her. We adopted her and she has been a joy. She is now 9, has arthritis and vision issues, but is still a cuddle bug!! Adopt don’t shop!!

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We adopted Tucker just over a year ago from SNIPSA and he has changed our life for the best. He has so much personality and wants to be friends with everyone, including cats! He is a big cuddle bear, at 75 pounds he doesn’t care about your personal space. Everywhere we go he gets comments on how handsome and sweet he is. He truly is the most loving dog and would represent SNIPSA well.

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