Hear ye, hear ye, SNIPSA peeps! Meet one of our latest rescue projects… Mr. Huron. Found wandering around a trailer park riddled with strays, Huron was fending for himself– foraging through trash cans and whatever scraps he could find. Somewhere along the way, he sustained an injury to his rear foot. We are not sure if he was caught in a snare or had a run in with a car. Regardless, he ended up with a disfigured paw. Despite the trauma, Mr. Huron gets along fairly well! He walks with a slight limp, yet loves everyone he meets– both humans and canines alike. He is busy being fattened up and learning what it’s like to be a spoiled member of the canine pack. He has daily room service, a couch of his own, and a devoted foster teaching him the ropes.
SNIPSA takes in injured dogs and cats every week just like Huron. It is through generous donors and supporters like you that we are able to carry out our good works!

Keep an eye out for this special dog on our website, he will be adoptable soon and will make someone quite happy!

Please consider donating to Huron’s care here.

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