During the past months, Poppie has experienced great love from all the members within the family. Everyone who meets Poppie just loves her and she loves him or her back. She loves the freedom of running around in the backyard and especially at the friend’s house where she gets to play with other dogs including their goat. I never knew a small dog could be a goat herder. She has also gained several new puppy friends, most of whom are large dogs, and she is not afraid to pummel them over!

During the summer months, we have watched Poppie’s personality evolve into the best dog we could ever ask. She loves running outside along the pond chasing and eating bugs, especially grasshoppers. We are constantly keeping an eye on what she is eating and chasing because we never know when she is chasing a baby field mouse.

Her first few weeks of winter were lovely, once she figured out what the white-fluffy flakes falling from the sky were. Her fur-coat has prepared her very well for the great outdoor winter in North Dakota. Even with the extra fur, she still needs a jacket to go outside because it is only 10 degrees…below zero. Once she is finished playing outside, she runs inside and cuddles all day watching TV.

Poppie has adapted very well to this North Dakota climate and even better into this family. She truly has become part of this family and we greatly thank you! She is a true North Dakotan!

Thank you!


Thank you for the update on Poppie, Sharon! We are so happy to hear that she is thriving in the northern weather!

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