Hound/Retriever Mix, Puppy
Gender: Male
Weight (lbs):  11.4 lbs
Approx. DOB:  Mar 2020
Adoption Fee: $300


Adoption Application

About Me

No, he won’t take your complicated coffee order, but he will take your heart! Americano loves a good morning snuggle while you’re sipping on your hot coffee. But once this little pup is up and ready for the day, be ready for some nonstop play! King of Tug O’ War, Americano will challenge you to a game (and probably win). He loves a good game of tag; he’ll chase you all around the yard before turning around and making you chase him!  When he first arrived to SNIPSA, Americano was suffering from mange and had quite a bit of hair loss. But now after a few weeks in foster care and getting the medical attention he needed, Americano’s fur is quickly growing back in and will soon have a beautiful shiny healthy coat! Is Americano the perfect order for you? Fill out an application today!



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