MEET Aster

Collie/Boxer Mix, Puppy
Weight (lbs): 5.6 lbs
Approx. DOB: Mar 2020
Adoption Fee:$300


Adoption Application

About Me

With their big “adopt me” eyes, you’ll fall in love with these babes! The flower litter pups are always chasing after their fosters’ tails or nibbling on their ears. Of course, that’s when they aren’t tackling each other to the ground or racing to the big bowl of food. And once you pick up these perky pups, they will never want to leave your side-as soon as you set them back down on the ground, the flower litter will hop and skip and do anything they can to get back to you! They are still young pups and will need a lot of attention and patience as they learn to be the perfect pup for your family-keep this in mind when looking to adopt a puppy. Fill out an application for the flower litter today!



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