Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua Mix, Puppy
Gender: Male
Weight (lbs): 3 lbs
Approx. DOB:  Mar 2019
Adoption Fee: $250


Adoption Application

About Me

It’s (almost) summer time and the living’s easy. What better way to kick start summer than with a trip to Brazil, Barbados, Tahiti, Venice, Geneva, Bermuda, or Panama? Bringing these vacay destinations home of course!

The vacation destination litter are a well socialized group-they run up to you as soon as they see you and there is nothing cuter than hearing the tiny pitter patter of their puppy paws running down the hallway. They are fearless pups and want to make friends with everyone they meet and spend their days skateboarding with the kiddos and chasing after giant teddy bears! Their momma, Sydney, is a small 16 pound girl so we do not expect these guys to get more than medium-sized. If you’re looking to raise a puppy, you can’t go wrong with Brazil, Barbados, Tahiti, Venice, Geneva, Bermuda, or Panama! Fill out an application today!



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  • Come celebrate nationalpetadoptionweekend with us! Puppies kittens dogs catswe got
  • Good morning! Just wanted to give an update on Arlo
  • Sydney is showered slippered and ready for bed! All she

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