MEET Doc Marten

Black Mouth Cur/Collie Mix, Puppy
Gender: Male
Weight (lbs):  6.12 lbs
Approx. DOB:  Nov 2018
Adoption Fee: $250


Adoption Application

About Me

What’s a million times better than finding the perfect pair of shoes? Finding the perfect pup! And that’s what Doc Marten is-the perfect pup; perfectly soft, perfectly round, and perfectly sweet!

Doc Marten loves to run around with his brothers and sisters and chase after every toy he can find! And if he sees you with a delicious treat in your hand, this silly boy will wag his little tail and stand up on his little puppy legs reaching for it with all his might! Doc Marten is still a young pup and will need help working on his house training and crate training-keep this in mind when adopting a puppy. You can’t go wrong with Doc Marten-fill out an application today!



  • We adopted Tucker previously named Fall last spring when he
  • When your director cant help but pick up 2 more
  • Spread the love this weekend and welcome a new furry
  • Repost theshoeclub with getrepost  February is LOVE month and

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