Heeler Mix, Adult
Weight (lbs): 36.6 lbs
Approx. DOB: Jan 2010
Adoption Fee:$250


Adoption Application

About Me


/əˈkämpliSHt/ adjective

  1. oldie but goodie
  2. completed; effected: knows what “no” means and won’t poop on your new rug
  3. highly skilled; expert: comes programmed with tricks and napping pro
  4. having all the social graces and other attainments of polite society: best buds with other doggos, kitties, and kiddos
  5. refined; elegant in manner: excellent walking partner; crate trained
  6. even-tempered: superb candidate to tag along to bingo night
  7. consistent; ever-lasting: will love you forever.


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