Labrador Retriever/Dachshund Mix, Young Adult
Gender: Male
Weight (lbs):  24 lbs
Approx. DOB:  May 2018
Adoption Fee: $200


Adoption Application

About Me

Meet the one the only…Ed Sheeran!
This long and squatty boy will give you smiles and tail wags every time you look at him. With his happy personality, Ed Sheeran does great with people, dogs, and seems to do well with cats. Toys are like gold to Ed and he will play all day with them-whether you’re playing a game of tug o’war with him or he’s running around solo tossing it up into the air, he is happy as can be. Ed loves his humans and would be a great officemate as he loves to just be by your side. All he needs is a nice comfy bed, his favorite toy, and a few ear scratches, in between memos and he is one happy pup! Ed loves to play with other dogs so trips to the dog park are a must for him if he does not have any four legged siblings to romp around with and this social boy is more than excited to go everywhere with you! Fallen for those squatty legs and floppy ears? Fill out an application for Ed Sheeran today!



  • We adopted Tucker previously named Fall last spring when he
  • When your director cant help but pick up 2 more
  • Spread the love this weekend and welcome a new furry
  • Repost theshoeclub with getrepost  February is LOVE month and

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