Husky/ Anatolian Shepherd Mix, Young Adult
Gender: Male
Weight (lbs):  60 lbs
Approx. DOB: Jan 2014
Adoption Fee: $200


Adoption Application

About Me

Hi I’m Finn! Let me tell you how I found myself at SNIPSA…

I was owned. I was loved (I think). And then I was turned into Animal Care Services because a baby was on the way and I was “too much”. And to make matters worse, not only was I owner-surrendered to ACS, I was owner-surrendered on a Friday. You see, ACS takes in animals throughout the week, so by Friday, the kennels are all full and they need to make room for all the stray animals or found animals to give owners a chance to find them. So, owner surrender animals are the first “to go” to make room. The kennels were all full so I became a 5 PM dog within minutes of being surrendered. ACS sent an alert to all the shelters and rescues they could with the list of 5 PM dogs hoping that someone will have room for us. And that’s how I landed at SNIPSA-they saw the call out and came and got me! I’m pretty thankful to say the least.

My foster says I’m a pretty awesome guy. So awesome in fact, that she took me on fun excursions downtown while the weather was beautiful! I walk great on a leash and I’m perfectly behaved while out and about. I just walk alongside her, taking in the fresh air and fun atmosphere. We stopped for brunch and I enjoyed sunbathing by her chair and eating a few treats while we were there. I could stroll through downtown all day, I tell you! I just love to be by your side. I really would like to be with a family who can include me in fun adventures and outings. I get along great with other dogs too- I can play and play with them all day long! I’m already house trained and leash trained but prefer not to be crated as I do so well free roaming and I don’t really like to feel confined. I like to end the night snuggled up beside you or beside another furry friend. I’m hoping to finally find my REAL forever home where I can be loved on as much and as hard as I love! Is it with you? Fill out an application for me now!



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