Australian Shepherd Mix, Puppy
Gender: Female
Weight (lbs):  12 lbs
Approx. DOB:  Feb 2019
Adoption Fee: $250


Adoption Application

About Me

Say ‘namaste’ to our zen-ful puppies-Lotus, Firefly, and King Pigeon! With their big, bright, puppy dog eyes and fluffy fur, these three siblings melt everyone’s heart. And being Australian Shepherd mixes, these sweet pups will play all day! Between chasing after their toys, their tails, and your legs, these vivacious pups will always keep you entertained! Although they easily steal everyone’s hearts now, remember that these little fluff puffs will soon outgrow that puppy stage and need a family that will be active with them as the Australian Shepherd breed are a very smart, energetic breed-keep this in mind when looking to adopt a puppy!

Did Lotus, Firefly, or King Pigeon give you permanent heart eyes? Fill out an application today!



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