Flat Coated Retriever Mix, Puppy
Gender: Male
Weight (lbs):  10.1 lbs
Approx. DOB:  Oct 2018
Adoption Fee: $300


Adoption Application

About Me

With their soft and silky fur, big doe eyes, and puppy breath all around, these retriever mixes definitely steals everyone’s hearts. And they are as fun as they are cute- constantly clumsily chasing after toys or stampeding towards you as soon as they see you coming. What’s better than being barreled down by a pile of puppies, am I right? With their tails wagging at the speed of light, and their paws climbing all over you, nothing will melt your heart faster than these peppy puppies. Keep in mind that although they are irresistibly adorable tiny fluff tots now, they will need a lot of attention and patience as they grown into large dogs! Ready to raise a puppy? Fill out an application today! 



  • Hi SNIPSA! I wanted to share some pictures with yall
  • How awesome and adorable is this?! Repost halliny with getrepost
  • After eleven years of being our cover dog Scooter once
  • If youre looking for the happiest pup on Earth you

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