Labrador Retriever/Shepherd Mix, Puppy
Weight (lbs): 19.8 lbs
Approx. DOB: Nov 2019
Adoption Fee:$250


Adoption Application

About Me

Looking for a happy-go-lucky gal? Look no further than Mariah! This doe eyed gal would love nothing more than to chase after her toys or play a never-ending game of fetch! Mariah is your typical spunky Labrador puppy and needs a best friend who is going to be active. She will be a great candidate for morning runs once she is old enough or some fun-filled doggy playdates. Mariah is still a young pup but she is always on the go! This little girl is always running in between your legs or trying to catch her tail; she is the epitome of a puppy. The only thing Mariah loves more than playtime is cuddle time and when she crashes, she crashes hard. Mariah will fall asleep anywhere-amongst all of her toys, in her bowl of food; but her favorite spot? Belly up in your lap. Mariah is still a young pup but she is a smart one and will surely pick up training quickly! In fact, Mariah is already crate trained and working on her house training. Always wanted that playful pup? Fill out an application for Mariah today!


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