MEET Mr. Cotton Tail

Corgi/Jack Russell Terrier Mix, Young Adult
Weight (lbs): 24 lbs
Approx. DOB: Feb 2019
Adoption Fee:$250


Adoption Application

About Me

With his short little legs, long body, and the fan-favorite cotton tail stub, this little guy is as cute as they come. Not only does he have the bunny rabbit cotton tail, he even hops like one too! Mr. Cotton Tail hops down the stairs, hops after his toys, and bounces four feet in the air to try and jump into your arms. He is a bit timid at first but once you’ve gained his trust, Mr. Cotton Tail is the ultimate lapdog. There is nothing more adorable than seeing Mr. Cotton Tail jumping up and down trying to get your attention. This cutie walks well on a leash and would love to tag along on all the fun excursions. Crate trained, house trained, and well behaved when left home alone, Mr. Cotton Tail makes an easy pup. A Jack Russell/Corgi mix, Mr. Cotton Tail has a lot of energy and would love an active family. Whether that’s a lot of playing fetch in the backyard or morning runs before work, he will be one happy dude! Does Mr. Cotton Tail fit in with your family? Fill out an application today!


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