MEET Phoebe

Yorkshire Terrier, Adult
Weight (lbs): 10 lbs
Approx. DOB: Mar 2014
Adoption Fee:$250


Adoption Application

About Me

Meet me meet me meet me! I may not see you as well as I would like but I am still super sweet, co-dependent, and am a great companion despite my limited vision. You see, I have cataracts and am missing just a tad bit of hair. The hair should grow back as I was covered in fleas when first impounded to the shelter. I might be a candidate for cataract surgery and am in the process of getting my eyes checked out. I am not barky. I am compliant. I will sleep in my crate all night long but prefer the dog bed or sofa. I love to ride in the car – just need a little help loading up. I do well with children, other dogs, men and women young or old! You name it- I am that easy. I am about six years old and still spry. I even smile- really smile and show you my pearly whites. If you are looking for a sweet Yorkie and are fond of this breed, please consider adding me to your home.


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