Catahoula Leopard Dog/Hound Mix, Puppy
Gender: Female
Weight (lbs):  13.5 lbs
Approx. DOB:  Dec 2018
Adoption Fee: $250


Adoption Application

About Me

Have you HERB about Oregano and Sage? They are the best pups on the market!
With their spicy puppy personalities, these cuties will make your life much more flavorful and will always keep you entertained. You’ll find these pups falling into their water bowls or chasing each other around the backyard. They are constantly scooping up lone toys or have their noses to the ground taking in all the smells. They crash wherever they please whether that be in a giant puppy pile or in your lap-as long as there is someone to cuddle up with, that’s where they’ll be. Don’t miss out on the SNIPSA herbs and spices! Fill out an application today!



  • Ready to vogue? Our SNIPSA pups are! Theyll be strutting
  • Do you know me? I was found running along HWY
  • and Dusty has been adopted! Dusty has been fostered by
  • Its all smiles with Bombay! You cant help but fall

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