Labrador Retriever Mix, Puppy
Gender: Female
Weight (lbs):  15 lbs
Approx. DOB:  Aug 2018
Adoption Fee: $250


Adoption Application

About Me

Looking for a tail-waggin’ good time? Look no further than Winifred!

Winifred is a rambunctious and happy-go-lucky puppy and we mean it! With her tail always wagging, she tries to play with everyone and everything in the house. Winifred can also entertain herself when all of her foster siblings are exhausted and napping- you’ll find her running around the house with a toy in her mouth. Already accustomed to the luxuries of the household, Winifred prefers to snuggle up in your blankets on your bed for her naps. Winifred is working on her house training and crate training and is picking it up quickly so as long as she goes to a home with a patient and loving teacher, she should get it down fast! Does little Winifred fit in with your family? Fill out an application today!



  • Hi SNIPSA! I wanted to share some pictures with yall
  • How awesome and adorable is this?! Repost halliny with getrepost
  • After eleven years of being our cover dog Scooter once
  • If youre looking for the happiest pup on Earth you

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