I’m a friendly and spirited Boykin Spaniel Mix named Shania who would love nothing more than to run around and be free, but unfortunately injuries in my hips and legs have prevented me from being able to do so.

If you don’t know my story already, I was transferred to SNIPSA from an area shelter and they soon discovered I had a broken hip, a fractured fibula, and a torn cruciate and meniscus. I wasn’t able to bear any weight on one of my legs. To top it all off, I was also extremely frail and underweight as a result of heartworm disease.

Dr. Israel put me back together again after hours of surgery. I had a screw placed to secure my broken hip, and a procedure to fix the ligament in my knee. After several weeks of convalescence, I am doing better and can finally put weight on my leg again. I just started my heartworm treatment, so I will need to be nursed through the second stage of my illness.

I am receiving top-notch care, but as you can imagine, the dollar signs for all my surgeries are adding up! Please help bail me out of debt! As always, SNIPSA greatly appreciates your support!

Donate to Shania’s medical expenses here.

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