The holiday season is coming. You know how I know? Puppies. Lots and lots of puppies. As the holidays approach, puppies are on the top of nearly everyone’s wish list so SNIPSA rescues as many litters of puppies as they can so people can opt to adopt rather than purchase a puppy (which I obviously support being the famous rescue that I am). But that means that there are puppies E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. Puppies playing in my backyard, puppies sleeping in my living room, my bed, my humans’ laps- it’s puppy overload.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I was once a puppy too and can see the appeal of the tiny, innocent, clumsy, and curious pup. I too used to melt human hearts with just a wink of the eye or adorable yawn of the mouth. (Of course, I still catch the eyes of many as the official SNIPSA pup so these  puppies got nothing on me no matter how fluffy or cuddly they may be). But sometimes, these humans..they just don’t know what they’re getting themselves into. I mean these pups are a LIFETIME commitment. Which is why I present to you….

Scooter’s Tips For Adopting Your Rescue Puppy:


  • Before even looking into adopting a puppy, think about you and your lifestyle. Are you away from home most of the day? Do you have the time and patience it takes to train a puppy? Do you live in an apartment? Do you have other animals? These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself when thinking of adopting a puppy.
  • Puppies need your attention and take up a lot of your time. They can not just be stuck in a crate for 8 hours all alone while you’re out of the house. They will not magically learn not to chew on everything or somehow become potty-trained all on their own. Not to mention, you may be exhausted after working all day, but guess what? Your crated puppy is now FULL of energy and will not be the best listener as all they want to do is play after being cooped up all day. 
  • Puppies turn into dogs. Sure, a 5 pound puppy fits comfortably in an apartment now. But what about in a few months? This is a huge thing to think about when adopting a puppy, especially a rescue. 99% of the time, rescue puppies are mixed breeds. Sure, we can give you an estimate on how big we may think they’ll get but there is no guarantee that your 8 week old pup who’s floppy dachshund-like ears won’t actually grow into a 65 pound bloodhound.
  • Research the breed. Found the perfect pup for you? What does it resemble the most? Do we have it labeled as an Australian Shepherd? Shih Tzu? Labrador? Research these breeds and see if they fit in with your lifestyle. If you have livestock, perhaps the striking blue eyes of the Catahoula mix isn’t the pup for you. Looking for a dog to join you on outdoor outings? Sure the chubby little Bull Dog mix puppy is adorable but it’s not going to be the active dog you’re looking for. Some breeds may also have more medical issues than another. Keep this in mind before falling in love with a pup.


  • A crate. It will act as the pup’s safe haven – a place pup can sleep in and hang out in for down time. Now remember, the tiny fluff puff isn’t going to stay tiny long- Make sure to get a crate that it will be able to grow into so instead of purchasing a crate that fits for pup now, purchase a large crate that pup will eventually grow into, and section off enough space for it to comfortably stand up and turn around in.
  • A collar, leash and tag. These three items are mandatory to have upon pick-up when adopting a SNIPSA pup. Not to mention, it’s a fun way to show your’s and your pup’s personality! You can go crazy with the different styles of collars, leashes and tags.
  • Chew toys. This is a MUST! If you want to keep your shoes, baseboards, and pretty much anything else in your home that your new puppy can reach as pristine as possible,don’t go light on the chew toys (also if you want to keep your fingers and toes..those puppy teeth are a KILLER)
  • Puppy food. SNIPSA will supply you with a sample bag of what the pups are on currently. But if you plan on switching their food, do your research when it comes to dog food. Everyone has their favorite, but try to stick to one kind.
  • Water and food bowls. They need something to lap their water from and keep their food contained as they are pretty messy at that age.


  • Bring a carrier, towel, or blanket. Trust me on this. Your new puppy is going to be very nervous and a little scared heading to its new home and the last thing you want is to scrub your leather seats of your puppy’s mess before even getting through the front door. You’ll be picking up plenty of mess for the next few weeks already.


  • You are their teacher. Know that once you have your puppy, everything you do, everything they see, every good experience, bad experience, taste, smell, sight, reward and punishment trains them in some way.
  • Be consistent. That goes for EVERYTHING. Consistently take pup outside at the same times of day everyday for puppy potty training; consistently praise pup for learning a new trick or going potty outside or on a potty pad. Consistently correct. Consistency makes for a quick-learning pup and a happy owner
  • Vaccinate. THIS IS A BIG ONE HUMANS. When you adopt a puppy, they are not yet old enough to be fully vaccinated and therefore are at risk of diseases that may be fatal. Your pup will have all of its’ vaccinations up-to-date upon pick-up but it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to stay current. Be sure to either bring your pup back to SNIPSA for their vaccinations or schedule an appointment with your vet.
  • Love. Give pup a lifetime of love and snuggles! Even when their perfect puppy breath fades away and a few silver hairs start to show, never stop with the cuddles and kisses. We LOVE it at every age!

If you have taken my tips to heart and feel completely prepared to adopt a rescue puppy, please come by my house and adopt the litter of puppies that are currently eating MY food. I need them out of here.

’Til next time.


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