It is still dark outside when owners start lining up with pets in tow. Rolling carts, backpacks, cardboard boxes, wheelchairs, truck beds, laundry baskets, and purses serve as makeshift carriers to transport hundreds of dogs and cats to SNIPSA’s Big Fix. Volunteers place neck bands, record weights, and secure crates in a systematically arranged kennel bay where animals will remain for the day and sometimes into the night. Another team of skilled veterinary technicians anesthetize the pets one by one in preparation for surgery. The stampede of feet scurrying along the gymnasium floor mixed with a cacophony of dogs barking and cats meowing soon become commonplace in the background. The day is busy and everyone is on their “A game.” It’s serious business spaying/neutering, vaccinating, and micro-chipping over 450 dogs and cats in a single day. There is always a little levity with staff in costume, whimsical banners, and incredible eats to keep our volunteers fueled. How to thank our amazing staff, volunteers, veterinarians, community partners, service groups, is an impossible task. Some “Big Fixers” have been with us since our inception – growing the surgeries from 100 appointments in 2009 to well over 400 in 2017. It’s an incredible mix with the old volunteers training new ones and a unique bond that keeps the regulars coming back. Thank you to everyone and we mean everyone that contributes to this amazing cause. You are our rock stars and deserve many high fives, fists bumps, and shout outs. No doubt we ARE making a difference for the San Antonio community. Now go and get some rest as January will be upon us before we know it. #BigFixStrong

With Appreciation,


View pics from the October Big Fix here

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