Not everything on your Thanksgiving table is safe to feed to your dog. Added sugar, fat, and other ingredients that may not be good for canines should not go in your dog’s stomach. That’s why you need the best Thanksgiving dinner recipes for dogs.

The time has come to have a good party, tune into the Thanksgiving Dog Show and enjoy a nice meal. If you don’t have anything but dog food on hand, you and your guests may be tempted to feed your dog something that isn’t healthy.

Turkey skin, sweet potatoes made with sugar and marshmallows, onions, and many other common Thanksgiving foods could make your pet very ill. Instead, make one of these homemade, safe-for-dogs recipes from around the web.

These dishes are all safe and healthy. You could even make enough to keep leftovers so your pup can enjoy the Thanksgiving feats as long as you do. Just remember, if your dog has any special dietary concerns it is best to consult your veterinarian before trying any new recipes with him.

Check out these pet friendly Thanksgiving dishes here. 

Article By Amy Downs

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